Sunday, December 5, 2010

MeeGo smartphone

The first MeeGo smartphone will be launched in October of this year. This nugget of information has been released by the director of MeeGo software over at Nokia and bounds well for us to get a first glimpse at Nokia World 2010 in September. Read on to find out more about the first Nokia MeeGo smartphone launching in October.

The big news of the day may be that the MeeGo for smartphones v1 pre-Alpha release is due to drop on the 30th of June. However, buried away in the various announcement was a quote from Valtteri Halla, director of Meego software at Nokia, who commented that while the software was being made available now, as far as he was aware “The productised release of the software is still October of this year.”

This can only mean that Nokia has already got plans to formally release a MeeGo device this year, which suddenly turns up the heat on other companies as we’ll not only see Symbian^3 making a play for the hearts and minds of mainstream users but for the serious smartphone user, MeeGo will stamp a claim on the high-end.

Now, this date could slip, we’ve no way of knowing at this stage whether the software and hardware will be ready to officially rollout but it does mean we may well see Nokia World 2010 being used as a platform to roll out the first demo models – how good would that be?

So, what do you think, are we likely to get our hands on the first Nokia MeeGo smartphone later this year? If so, what do you reckon it’ll be called – is this the Nokia N9, or are we likely to see the Nokia S Series coming in to play?