Wednesday, December 22, 2010

rex ryan foot video : Jokes ??

rex ryan foot video

Today New York Jets head coach told reporters that the alleged Rex Ryan wife foot fetish video is a "personal matter." The internet, however, begs to differ.

There has been plenty of chatter on social media sites like Twitter about the alleged Michelle Ryan foot fetish video exposed by Deadspin.

Just as in previous Tiger Woods scandal and Brett Favre scandal, plenty of Rex Ryan foot fetish jokes have made their way to the web. Who cares if no one has actually confirmed that it was in fact Michelle Ryan in those videos?

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The best source was Deadspin itself as its commenters had a field day with the Rex Ryan scandal:

"I thought the hiring of Dr. Scholl as the club physician smelled."

"So Rex Ryan's marriage is better than everyone's in a weird sort of way? This is news?!

"Tomorrow's Day of Reckoning will showcase foot-fetish model Jeanette Sparano, Ms. Ryan's arch rival"

Some folks on Twitter added:

sportspickle: Of course Rex Ryan has the support of Jets' ownership. A man named Woody Johnson is in no position to judge anyone.

MookieWilson86 wrote: "Antonio Cromartie has already had 5 kids with Rex Ryan's wife's feet.

"Wait til you see Bill Belichick's secret videotape of Rex Ryan videotaping his wife's feet."For the record, it appears that Rex Ryan's players seem to have his support.