Friday, December 17, 2010

LG B, Slim Best Android Smartphone Listen

What is the thinnest smartphones today? Apple never acclaim title on the iPhone 4. But that was before, because when juxtaposed with the LG flagship Android, iPhone 4 still less slender.

LG B - thus the name Android handset. Although the South Korean vendors are still not willing to speak out about this product, but the appearance of LG B was wara-Wiri on the internet.

Unmitigated, for menasbihkan himself as the thinnest, photos circulating even helped reconcile with the iPhone LG B 4 and Samsung S Galaxy which has a thickness of 0.99 mm.

The result? On the surface alone is directly responsible to us if slenderness LG B beat two rulers smartphone market.

Not much info is known about the LG B. Is merely equipped with a WVGA screen LCD ISP 4 inch wide and 3.5 mm headset jack. The level phones to be thin just is not revealed with certainty.