Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nokia X5 unique design ( review and specification )

X5 is the latest Nokia mobile phones from Nokia. Interestingly nokia X5 was launched in Indonesia. Well, Nokia chose Indonesia as a place to launch their latest product Nokia X5. A mobile phone with ease of messaging activity and access to social networking. Nokia X5 use Qwerty keypad.

Nokia X5 is perfect for the young people who like online via mobile social networking activities such as ngetwit or facebookan. Nokia X5 is an alternative to it. Nokia X5 shape design is also unique, its for the box and slider model (slide).

Features Nokia X5: "Surprise Me", the user can switch to another random song with ease. "Messaging Box", helping users find the number of unread messages just by shaking the phone.

Nokia X5 Color: There are two color choices Nokia X5 namely, graphite black and pink. Perhaps color will increase again in the future. To launch the Nokia only give 2 options only color.