Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how to upload photo from mobile to facebook

Many people who like to upload their photos to facebook. most of them use computers to do it. but what if you're not carrying a laptop or computer and you want to upload your photos. The following is a solution to upload images via mobile phone

1.Open the photo that will be sent. Photos can be stored on the phone or the ones you just capture using a          camera on your mobile phone.
2. Select "Send"> "Via multimedia."
3.MMS application will be displayed. In the "To", fill it with: mobile@facebook.com. While in the "Subject",        may    be filled with titles or captions to your photos.
4.Select "Options"> "Send". 
5.If you successfully sent an MMS, facebook will read it and send a confirmation code via SMS to your              mobile      phone. Note carefully the confirmation code.
   To find out if your MMS has been successfully sent or not, you can check the folder "Sent" in the messaging    application on your mobile phone.

6.Now open your facebook via a computer or a full site via mobile phones. Remember, you must use the full      site, not http://m.facebook.com.
7.Click the "Profile" then select the tab "Photos".

8.Click the "Create New Album".
9.Select the tab "Mobile Photos". Here you must enter the confirmation code you have received via SMS. Enter the code in the "Enter your code", then click the "Confirm Phone".

you can now upload images via mobile phone. if you are interested give comment