Sunday, November 28, 2010

the new " iPad 2 " launce in april 2011

iPad 2 is said to be launched in April 2011 and this will be a rival for blackberry Playbook. ipad following new features:

1. Dual Camera :
One deficiency is quite disturbing than the first version of the iPad is a lack of camera. These shortcomings have become a target competitors, such as Galaxy Tab which comes with two cameras. This feature should be embedded in the iPad 2 to give added value.

2. more thin more light
Apple used to create gadgets slim without sacrificing performance and quality of materials, call it the MacBook Air. 

3. Retina Display 
Retina screen that has been in use iPhone 4 will be given to the iPad 2 

4. Three-Axis Gyroscope Sensor 
 This feature enables better sensitivity when responding to the movement.