Wednesday, November 3, 2010

ziio creative the cheap tablet

Creative makes surprise. Vendor product known as a music player is a sudden plunge enliven tablet computer market with a brand Ziio.

Creative Tablet Ziio holding Android OS 2.1 and has two size options, 7 Inch and 10 Inch. The price is not too much to drain the bag. In the United States, the tablet is expected to priced USD 279

Creative states besutannya tablets will be marketed starting in December 2010. The tablet plan would be sold in various parts of the world.

One of the advantages
Ziio is compatible with Creative music device. Sound quality also claimed qualified with Apt-X codec and audio processing typical of the so-called Creative X-Fi. While the application is provided via shop ZiiStore applications.
Creative Ziio ZMS-08 processor (ARM Cortex A8) and able to play 1080p video. Then there are two cameras, Wi Fi, MicroSD slot up to the HDMI port.

Creative Strategies tablet segment targeting affordable seems appropriate. This could be an alternative for those who feel the
iPad or Galaxy Tab overpriced.