Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Razer Switchblade, Notebook Gaming Revolusioner

The hardcore PC gamers would know about Razer, at least never heard of him. Yes, gait device manufacturer specialized gaming PC it's already quite famous among professional gamers.
In 2011, CES was held in Las Vegas, Razer makes breakthrough with new product concepts. A mini notebook is dotted heavily on gaming. Razer product called Switchblade can be said to privilege and revolutionary. Keyboard icon on this compact notebook is subject to change according to the game is being played!

More sophisticated, these changes will come from the automatic adjustment of the notebook, so it can be guaranteed that gamers will feel the sensation is different in every game that dimainkan.Selain, the Razer keyboard buttons Switchblade also capable of displaying static images and animations, gamers can also create layout of the keyboard keys themselves, which will change between games.
Besides having the advantage of its unique keyboard, Razer notebook specifications it also be said Switchblade qualified, such as wifi + 3G connectivity, intel atom processor, 128GB 1'8 SSD for data storage space. As for display using 7-inch multitouch screen.
Although not yet realized 100% and still a semi-concept, this product would be interesting to be revealed. Hopefully in the near future!