Saturday, March 12, 2011

Toshiba: Tablet Us More Superior than iPad 2

Attendance iPad two vendors responded immediately that also try to produce tablets. Not to forget the Toshiba, the Japanese vendors are claiming tablets which will be released soon, better at it than iPad 2 with the equivalent price.
"We believe ourselves to compete with Apple in terms of price iPad 2 but with more feature-rich devices. We believe we are superior to tablets made by Apple, he may be more severe but has a lot of things that do not belong to the iPad 2," said Rob Wilkinson, General Manager of Toshiba Australia.
Toshiba Tablet launched it would not have a name, but it had been exhibited at the Mobile World Congress 2011 event which took place last month. The tablet adopting Android OS Honeycomb. Then if the tablet is really the higher of its features?
Indeed 1.280x800 screen resolution exceeds the iPad. Not to mention the presence of 2-megapixel camera on the front and 5 megapixels in the back. There is also an HDMI output, USB to SD card slot. So it seems, Wilkinson statement accountable.
iPad strength is often judged not in hardware but in a reliable tablet interface and the many applications. Perhaps this is why that although other tablet hardware is superior, but the majority share of the market remains dominated by iPad.
In addition to Toshiba, other vendors also began to respond iPad 2. Samsung for example, consider improving the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for more to fight iPad 2. Meanwhile, Asus claims it will deliver a secret weapon as a counterculture hero's Apple.