Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lenovo IdeaPad U260, Thin As Book

Lenovo laptops produce fashionable thin nan-brained I5 this year. If closed, as thin as 0.71-inch laptop is even similar to an agenda book.

Positioned as a thin laptop, of course, U260 not equipped with an optical drive. One thing is unfortunate, too, this thin brown laptop is only equipped with two USB slots and no card reader. Let us look deeper.


Ideapad U260 is a laptop that has been equipped with an Intel Core i5 U470 with a speed of 1.33 GHz and 320 GB hard drive. Unfortunately, this laptop only has a 4 cell battery which makes it able to survive about 4 hours for normal use.

Fortunately U260 has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM memory and Windows 7 OS Home premium 64 bit. In the bodynya also found only a SO-DIMM memory slots. It seems that Lenovo was to design a minimalist all-round laptop this thin.

Thin laptop comes with two color options: Mocha Brown and Clementine orange, the color was very fitting and comfortable in the eye.

For information, 12.5 inch HD screen this laptop is already equipped with anti-glare feature. Video out is also available via option VGA port and HDMI output.

One thing that is interesting from a laptop this thin body is diusungnya unibody design. Right at the bottom of the body of the laptop, users will see a carved design neatness Lenovo. Do not be surprised if the battery could not find an opening this IdeaPad U260. Since Lenovo has designed them in such a way.

Moved in part in U260, soft leather design that is in the bottom of the keyboard chicletnya. How could I not, though exposed to heat from the bottom of the keyboard is quite comfortable leather palms while sticking in there.

Touchpad and click buttons still taste the same as other IdeaPad series. Quite soft and not rude. At the bottom of the keyboard is also not much variety of stickers plastered, only the logo Intel Core i5 and Windows 7.

Ideapad U260 is designed with chiclet-style keyboard that sounds pretty noisy when used for typing. The size of the keyboard quite relieved and not hot when used for typing, with the distance that still tersisia in the upper left and right. The shift key is designed with different sizes, with a button on the left are smaller. While the volume and brightness settings together with the directional keys on the bottom right.

Performance Video, Audio, and Battery

Armed with Intel Core i5 U470 with speed 1.33 GHz, and 4 GB of RAM. With this specification, the IdeaPad 260 certainly can work in general office needs. Typing, browsing, and even watching HD video.

Talking about HD video content, it turns out this laptop powerful enough when asked to watch a movie HD 1080p resolution.

If performance videos are qualified, whether this also applies to audio? Apparently not. Lenovo Ideapad U260 has a fairly poor quality speakers. When used in play format. Mp3, sound from the speakers sounded shrill and too excessive in the treble. Users must use external speakers for not ilfil.

One thing is very unfortunate, this laptop was not equipped with 6-cell battery. As a result with the 4-cellnya, thin laptop is only able to be used for playing games DOTA no more than two hours, with maximum volume and brightness setting 100 percent.

Users who have a habit of removing the battery apparently can not do it when the battery runs out. Simply just plug the power adapter into the body unibodynya, anytime and anywhere.

Affairs of air circulation, design and performance can be thumbs up. When used for 1 full day, the heat that usually appears on the side of the laptop was not too pronounced. Because this laptop has a fan which is located at the bottom, and no hot air exhaust to the side.