Sunday, March 13, 2011

Queue Position iPad 2 for sale $ 900

Variety of interesting story lines color the atmosphere of the Apple iPad 2 when released debut in the U.S. market March 11 last. Apple's fondness fans are cleverly exploited by Amanda Fooote, local college student.

Foote intentionally joined the line at the store located in the Five Avenue, since the morning and managed to get the cutting edge. He did not intend at all to buy iPad 2 but its main purpose is to sell it on pengantre queue position of other.

Shamelessly, he offered a position that ultimately actually purchased at high prices. An application developer named Hazem Sayed, do not hesitate to buy queue position at USD 900, the amount even higher than the official IPAD 2, which sold from USD 499.

Sayed himself has said he is happy to buy a position in line Foote. He was apparently a big fan of Apple. Moreover, Sayed are in a hurry so decided to buy a position lined up to get iPad 2 is faster.

The iPad pengantre 2 not only citizens of the United States alone, but from different countries. A man named Alex Shumilov admitted flying from Moscow in Russia to the U.S., only to line IPAD 2.

Not only buy iPad 2 for himself, he also plans to sell the gadget is in Russia and get a nice profit. Such a step seems many business people followed in different countries, who at his residence has not been circulated iPad 2.