Monday, February 28, 2011

Samsung Prepare Galaxy Tab 8.9 Inch

Samsung seem to prepare new ammunition in the tablet market. Not satisfied with the Galaxy Tab 7 inch screen version and 10-inch, South Korean electronics giant is giving a strong signal of the presence of the Galaxy Tab 8.9-inch version.

In the promotion, Samsung will deliver papers there is a new Tab Galaxy launch event at the CTIA Wireless exhibition event, which took place in Orlando, USA on 22 March. Interestingly, there is a code number 78 910 in the poster.

digit code in question is suspected to have its own meaning. That is the number 7 represents the Galaxy Tab 7 inch, then 89 for 8.9-inch version and the 10 is for 10.1 inch model.

The arrival of the new tablet also states on page up Samsung. "Are you happy with the introduction of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in MWC 2011. If so, we have more surprises in the event on 22 March "

Not yet clear what the Galaxy would like Tab 8.9 inch. Allegedly, he will adopt the latest version of the Android operating system for tablets, the Honeycomb.