Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Motorola Xoom Starting with $ 800

Motorola Xoom, tablet PC because of the controversy had insinuated IPAD and Galaxy Tab in his ads, finally released to the market soon. Sure enough, Xoom prices pegged at the rate of USD 800.

In its bid, Verizon has two package options sales. First, remove the Xoom with redemption $ 800 without the data package. Second, are offered at prices slightly down, which is $ 600 with frills data packet should be bound for two years.

Xoom is not only interesting in the Promotion. The capabilities, tablet PC that has a 10.1 inch wide screen is also quite capable. One thing that became flagship is, he is the first to carry the tablet PC operating system Android 3.0 Honeycom.

Honeycomb is the Android OS that was developed specifically for tablet PCs. Unlike the earlier series such as Android Android 2.2 (Froyo), 2.3 (Gingerbread) and others which were originally designed for smartphones. So are performance and reliability, Xoom is promising.

In terms of features, Xoom has dual cameras (front and rear 2-megapixel 5 megapixels). And not only snapped photos and video recording, the device also claimed could be used for video chat.

"This is really the latest-generation tablet," Mobility Device Umbar Motorola team, Alain Mutricy.

However, Xoom is still doubtful because the selling price is calculated premium. Because their competitors are now many who played at a price below $ 600.

But compared with the iPad, Xoom price seems quite balanced. Price iPad there is pegged at the rate of USD 499, but that for the lowest version that is only equipped with Wi + fi plus a 16GB hard drive.

Well, for the iPad was in the top level - which has a 64GB hard drive and is equipped with Wi-Fi and 3G - the price is still priced at the rate of USD 829.