Monday, February 28, 2011

Presents LG Mobile Special Women Review

Mobile phones on the market have been considered too much that looks likely to masculine. Seeing a business opportunity of the phenomenon, was rushing to introduce LG C320i which is dedicated to womanhood.

Because of the intended target market is women, as a result C320i created with stylish design, beautiful, and stylish. So when used later to support the appearance of the user.

This fashion phone has a simple design lines. Curved lines in each corner to make it looks more soft and not rigid. The selected color combination that is white-orange.

Sony Ericsson C320i has a sliding form with a screen measuring 2.4 inches, dimensions 63 x 91x 15.9 mm and weight 115 grams. screen is decorated with a black frame around it, while the bottom left enough shortcut buttons, multitasking, the dial on, back, widgets, dial off, navigation and others.

2.4-inch screen on the LG C320i is equipped with 256K color 320x240 pixel density. Have only one page homescreen, but supported by 6 units widget. There are 3 pieces of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace) that have been injected, in addition to e-mail from MSN IM, games, and browser Opera Mini 5

for entertainment facilities, worth USD 1.3 million mobile phone is also equipped with Wifi and resolution 2-megapixel camera.