Monday, October 11, 2010

Windows Phone 7 the new OS from microsoft

Microsoft continues to grab market share by introducing Windows smart phones Phone 7.
Software companies from the United States says the operating system (OS) planted at different mobile phones with the old OS.

 Claimed the new OS is easier to use and Microsoft did a massive overhaul of this OS.These changes make the phone able to take content from various contacts, photos, documents, music, and video users.The content inside the phone and then synced with storage services on the internet and in the user's computer."This operating system is a new beginning, we made only within 18 months," said Andy Lees, head of Microsoft's mobile division.Lees describes the OS is not like Apple's IOS (closed) or

Android (open).What is clear, said Lees, Microsoft gave developers a chance for partners to create a structure and interface for users.Lees has not been able to confirm the number of applications (app) that can be downloaded because there are a lot of app that is currently awaiting approval from Microsoft.But the popular app like Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and train schedules will be processed more quickly.

Mobile phones with the new Windows operating system will be launched in Britain on October 21, several days faster than the launching in the United States, which is scheduled in early November.

Microsoft says Windows mobile phones will be available in nine models with holding 60 operators in 30 countries.In the past, Microsoft's efforts menggembur smart phone market to no avail.Nokia, Apple, RIM (maker of the BlackBerry), and a consortium of Android, which is fully supported by Google is the ruler of the smart phone market.