Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playstation portable 2 ( psp 2 ) new console game

PSP 2 concept
The news about Sony's preparation of the latest gaming console, the PlayStation Portable 2 (PSP2) was not a figment. Evidence, the Japanese electronics giant had confirmed the launch schedule.

PSP2 promised would give a new sensation for gamers who are used to carry a portable gaming console. Because the console is quite different from the current PSP. For example, placement of the touch panel.

Touch panel on the PSP2 will reportedly be placed on the back of the console. Forms and their operations are similar to the existing trackpad on a notebook. However, Sony has not revealed its function when to play the game.

Affairs of the screen, though the quality is not better than previous versions, but has a larger dimension. Sony's own claim that the screen supports a resolution high definition (HD).

According to estimates quoted by the Wall Street Journal, a bigger screen to indicate the purpose of creating Sony PSP2 as console gaming, e-book reader, and a netbook.

price of psp 2 : $ 300

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