Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Eken M001 Android Tablet

The rise of cheap Android tablet computing was arguably due to start a while ago but so far, we haven't seen many (if any) of such tablets that are compelling enough to be considered a serious contender. The recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab could be the one to change all that but as of right now, Apple's iPad still sits at the top of the pile as far as consumer tablets go. What we have here is one of the first Android tablets on the scene, the Eken m001. There are many rebrands and variants of it such as the 'apad' but they are all essentially the same device. It was designed as a low cost entry into tablet computing, but does the low price give us an indication of its quality?

You'll have to read on to find out!
$ 100
Eken M001 specification (
as per manufacturer):
  CPU: VIA MW8505 600MHz (2 x 300MHz)
  RAM:128 DDR
  Hard Disk: 2GB NAND Flash
  WIFI: 802.11B/G
  7" TFT LCD SCREEN/Resolution: 800x480
  Multimedia codes: Support MP3/Audio Format;Support 3GP,AVI(320*240)/Video Format;Support             Word ,Excel,Mail & PDF Reader;Support Video online
  Web video with the ICON: Youtube
  SD x 1( support up to 32G SDHC)
  30 pin interface
  Stereo Audio out x 1
  Audio: High-Fidelity stereo speaker output
  Software: Google Android 1.6