Saturday, January 8, 2011

LePad , Lenovo Android tablet (review and specification)

LePad, its name may change when distributed outside of China, is full of Lenovo's first tablet that uses the Android operating system. This device was first introduced in 2010, but when it was still using Linux.
While U1 is a package that combines LePad in a laptop. Section screen can be removed to LePad, while the bottom is Windows-based notebook 7.


LePad up screen in the form of a field that split four. In the middle there is an icon that can be shifted to change the size of the four parts of the screen.

If the screen is shifted, by sweeping a finger along the surface of the screen, to the left is where the widget Lenovo. While to the right will open a collection of applications.

Funny thing, though use Android, LePad not have access to the Android Market. However, through the application installation. GER can still be done. In addition, applications are also available through Lenovo's application store.

One of the applications that run is a game like Angry Birds. In addition, most applications still speak Chinese, according to the first launch.


If placed on the dock U1, tablet LePad could turn into the screen to run the existing system Windows 7 at U1. This is done simply by sliding a switch on the front screen.

The move from Android to Windows 7 fairly smoothly. Although it took a few moments where the screen was dark fraction of a second.

In the mode of Windows 7, touch screen can still be used. However, slightly lower than the level of responsiveness when using Android.

Files that are stored in LePad can be accessed via U1. This is done through the application LeNav with synchronization system.

When LePad stripped back, U1 body can still be used in full. Simply connect to an external monitor or other display device, the device with an Intel ULV processor is able to work normally.

In conclusion, LePad and U1, could be a pretty good alternative to tablets. Surely must be supported by the availability of applications and content.

Also, equally important, remains to be seen whether Lenovo will be presenting the 2-in-1 is the price scheme which 'makes sense'.

Lenovo says LePad and U1 will be marketed in China in 2011 this. After that, the possibility of this device will be presented globally as ekositem preparedness in each country.

In China, LePad will be sold in the range of RMB 3499 (approximately USD 4.75 million), while the U1 in the range of RMB 8888 (about USD 12 million).

Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 1.3 GHz (LePad)
Processors Intel CULV
Screen 10.1 "
3G connection on LePad